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Vehicles we cover

We can provide cover for a variety of different vehicles. Please select the vehicle you plan to hire above. We can provide cover for:

Cars - up to 9 seats

Vans - up to 7.5T

Mini-Buses - up to 7.5T and 15 seats in capacity (exclusions apply)

Motor Homes or Camper Vans - up to 7.5T (exclusions apply)

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Annual policy cover is available for Europe or Worldwide only

Areas we cover

Home Country
Select for Home Country within the United Kingdom.

UK/United Kingdom
The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland), Channel Islands and Isle of Man.

The UK and Republic of Ireland, all countries west of the Ural Mountains, and related islands in the Mediterranean, plus Morocco, Tunisia, Turkey, Iceland, Israel. Cover includes the Canary Islands, Madeira and the Azores.

Anywhere in the world, excluding the following countries: Afghanistan, Belarus, Congo, Iraq, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Myanmar, Russia, Sudan, Syria, Ukraine, Venezuela and Zimbabwe. Worldwide cover also includes all countries covered under Europe above.

Please select your hire type

Single Hire

Annual Multiple Hire

Choosing a hire type

Single Hire Agreement
Covers you for single hire agreement: Car – up to 180 days, Van – up to 14 days, Minibus – up to 14 days and Motorhome – up to 45 days.

Annual Multiple Hire Agreement
Covers you for any number trips in a year. only available for cars up to a maximum of 31 days per hire agreement.

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Start Date

Choosing your policy start date

For single hire agreements the policy start date should reflect the start date that is shown on your vehicle hire agreement. For annual multiple agreements the start date should be within the next 31 days, however it must reflect the start date of your vehicle hire agreement if this is earlier.

Please select when you’d like your cover to end, or choose a different date

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End Date

How long is your trip?

You can choose to cover up to 180 days for a single trip

Additional Drivers:

Additional Drivers can be up to a maximum of 6 people listed on the Car Rental Agreement in addition to the Lead Named Driver. An Additional Driver cannot hire a Rental Vehicle independently from the Lead Named Driver, but can drive the Rental Vehicle unaccompanied by the Lead Named Driver.

Age of Drivers at time of purchase:

We will provide cover for those aged:
Car: 21-84.
Vans, Minibuses & Motorhomes: 21–74.